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The Speed Demon is a vital training tool for building speed and endurance with your speed bag. Its digital display will tell you how fast you are punching (punches per minute), the number of punches you've thrown, or motivate you with its challenge mode.




Click here to watch Tommy T's epic 25,000 punch session on the Speed Demon Xt



The Speed Demon Xt can also wirelessly connect to your iPhone (4S or higher), iPad (3rd generation or higher), or iPad Mini through SDXt iMetrics (available free through the App Store).

Using iMetrics, your Speed Demon Xt logs your workout data, provides speed endurance ratings, analyzes your historical data, motivates you with time trials, and will drive you insane with its expert challenge mode.  

If you are serious about speed bag training, or just want a reliable way to measure your speed bag workout, the Speed Demon can help.

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